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Rely on experienced toxicologist, Dr. John A. Budny, as an  expert witness and Certified Medical Investigator to determine causation of toxicity from prescription drugs, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and drugs.

Toxicology Scientist

As a scientific contributor to toxicology Dr. Budny has conducted  research in toxicology and  written book reviews on drug related toxicity. He has opined on the causation of toxicity from drugs, pharmaceuticals, and errors associated with prescription drugs.

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As President of PharmaCal, Ltd. John A. Budny, PhD, CMI provides expert witness services on the toxicity of prescription drugs, including prescribing errors, adverse drug reactions and prescription drug malpractice.  Dr. Budny has also served as an expert witness on cognitive and psychomotor impairment caused by illicit drugs.  He is also an expert on the effects caused by dietary supplements and nutritional products. As an expert witness on toxicity, he focuses on causation in forensic toxicology.  Dr. Budny has been practicing toxicology for over 40 years and PharmaCal, Ltd. was established in 1989.

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