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Experienced Expert Witness in Toxicology

When you need an expert witness in toxicology, turn to John A. Budny, PhD, CMI and PharmaCal, Ltd.  He has over 25 years experience as an expert witness.  Dr. Budny has been retained in over 300 cases in which he has opined in reports, depositions and in court testimony about cause and effect relationships between chemicals and adverse reactions and toxicities.  While his forensic toxicology practice is not limited to any specific type of chemical, most of his retention as an expert has been for prescription drugs, illicit drugs, dietary supplements and nutritional products. 

Scientific Evidence & Causation
Establishing causation is a critical task when allegations of harm are made. This is especially true for adverse consequences arising from illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and other chemicals. Causation of adverse health effects and wrongful death requires more than just demonstrating an association or connection. Knowing if there is a causal link between a toxicant and an adverse health effect is of utmost importance for plaintiffs and defendants.

Dr. Budny's Services Include
• Determining Causation of Toxicity & Adverse        Health Effects
• Assessing the Merits of a Case
• Developing & Preparing Responses to Claims &    Complaints
• Assisting in Case Strategy Development
• Providing Testimony

John - Expert Witness Services

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For Plaintiffs
It is important to know if there is a causal link between an alleged toxicant or drug from a prescription error that caused a wrongful death, or an illicit drug that led to a car accident caused by a driver under the influence. Knowing if there is a causal link in the early stages of litigation allows the plaintiff's attorneys to manage resources and decisions as they proceed with the client's case.

For Defendants
To help avoid protracted litigation with a low probability of a successful outcome, you must know whether or not there is a causal link between illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, or other materials. Additionally, knowing that there is no causal link supports pleadings for a dismissal, with a successful outcome.

The Process
Three distinct yet connected steps are required to determine whether or not a causal link exists. First, a forensic investigation of the facts of the case is required, and must include examination of medical records in the context of a timeline.
Once the alleged adverse effects are determined real and reasonable within the timeline, the allegations are then examined and compared to the published medical and scientific literature. This ascertains plausibility of the claims. The third and final step in the process for establishing causation is the formation of one or more opinions on the case.

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